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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PERHAPS PERHAPS PERHAPS IT's BETTer this WAY Y'ALL // i'm lovin' this (not really) u rarely do as i ask // BAD AUDIENCE!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU... // "FAITH" by George Michael

this is yet anutha post about my auction y'all
abs no one has offered a dime so far
i check my paypal account in the hope that it has moolah...but the moolah is out 2 pasture.
i's tired of posting the rules please look them up they are all over all 3 of my sites now
the past three days or so!!!

i abs luv the leather &
the armpit sniffin' pose
that nose is just itchin' 4
some good ole self love
smell of a raunchy armpit
nonethin' compares y'all

cuz ya gots to have faith faith faith faith faith faith
eternal hope & joy derive & r inspired by ultimate faith

good ol' georgie porgie is look like he is nodding his head up & down if u look @ these pix in succesion
but if he were like mike
he'd be shakin' it vehemently sideways....
looks like he finally got the picture y'all.
hope u will git is soon 2.

i get tired of sayin' things twice...
that is why the homeless dude that i took in is goneded...
it's never wise or helpful or even appreciated
when u give 2 the homeless or the needy
they take it for granted...

lazy unindustrious let their minds and bodies go to waste
every wonder why so many homies are fat ass bastards??????
that might not be nice to say but they eat the worst foods
all the time.

cuz u gots 2 have faith 
& lots of it........


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

first bidder in my raffle will win a mac mini // i may move my raffle to an auction on ebay if u don't act soon...please don't be frozen // don't get left out in the freezing cold // "FROZEN" by Madonna

oh shanti, shanti shanti
22nd bidder will win a MAC MINE by APPLE!!!!!!
1st bidder will win 2gb green shuffle iPod
no joke no scam
$2 tickets
if i move it to EBAY which i probably will,
it will be a 2 cent auction.

don't let that deter u from buying a raffle ticket though
i will be selling them in person
but the absolute 1st purchaser will be the winner of a mac mini
you will have it within 2 weeks of transaction close.

you only see what ur eyez want to see
how can life be what you want it to be
ur frozen, when ur heart's not open
u've got the key
i've got the lock
love ur life be free

don't waste ur time with hate & regret...

peace infinite don't be a frozen pancake MT

wishes can come true // "When You Wish Upon A Star" by OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN

a heart felt disney classic
cherished by families for generations

your dreams can and do come true!!!!!!

posted @ 7/11 // lucky eleven // as promised... a little late is better than never // let the raffle commence!!

i'll be ur 1 stop candy shop...
for all ur APPLE needs...

$2 raffle for a green 4th (5th?) generation ipod shuffle 2gb
road tested so that i can rate it here @ queue & plAy
minumum # of entrants required for winner to be named
is 22.
22nd entrant will win not one but two...
2nd one is brand new and color choice options
i will close the auction once raffle entries start to fade
the winner will be notified on my websites
and will receive the item within 2 weeks free of 
shipping & handling charge

i pray for big things 2 come 2 help shape a brighter tomorrow not just for but for all of us!!!!!!
evita said that // WORD!!!!!!

please use the donate button to the left to buy tix
or just to make a donation
a portion will go to charities like

please come and come again
encourage all to participate.
it's gonna be a lovely day.

q&p mt

time out ... ur drifting so it's time 2 drive traffic 2 my 2 other sites // "DRIVE" BY the CARS

who's gonna pay attention 2 ur dreams
god & me

who's gonna plug their ears when u scream
as ur head flies thru the glass of ur car
don't drink & drive
designated driver @ hand always

u can go 2 the slammer y'all
it's no joke

this is a sober ballad for all the 
DUIer's and the DWIer's